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    Yep, another rumor about the PlayStation 4 has hit the web and is spreading like wildfire. It’s actual close to another rumor that started a few months ago, but from a new “trust source” that is “close to the project”.

    It was reported by Develop-Online.net that they were told that “various” PS4 games are being developed. This means a lot of things to us, if this is true.

    1) There’s a PS4 prototype out there somewhere.

    2) The PS4 will be here within a few years (which we’ve already assumed).

    So how reliable is it? It could be true. Of course Sony won’t comment about PS4 rumors and speculation, so they aren’t any help. They have constantly said they are focusing on the PS Vita, but who knows. It does take at least 18 months of testing before a game or console is released to the public (and, oh yeah, someone rumored that the PS4 was going to be manufactured by the end of this year).

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